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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

(8)Yinka Shonibare

Yinka Shonibare was born in London, England in 1962, but was raised in Nigeria. He studied at Byam Shaw School of Art and London Univeristy. He challanges the idea of cultural identity in his work. He works in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, photopraphy, and film. His work strongly reveal his love for art history, literature, and philosophy. I like the twist he puts on tradition and colonialism. He incorporates different fabrics and patterns, which brings in that questioning of cultural identity. It also brings forth something refreshing in what we are so used to looking at when it comes to the subject. My favorites of his are his recreations of Goya's "Sleep of Reason". His series of these include different cultures. The one I have included at the top is that of America.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Just something that I drew from spring break boredom

Saturday, March 20, 2010


So I "stumbled-upon" this short film. I thought it was kind of cute(because I don't know any other word to describe it), so I'd thought I'd share. Here is the link to it: foreversnotsolong.com

(7)Sam Jinks

Hyper-realist sculptor Sam Jinks is from Melbourne, Australia. He draws attention to life's disposability. His work is also about how one changes mentally, not only physically from sickness. He plays with the psychological effects sickness, old-age, and death have on individuals. His pieces reflect on the inner-most workings going on through the human mind in all aspects of life. A thought is brought forth into reality, which may be part of the reason why he has chosen to portray these figures in such a realistic light. I like the realness in Jink's work. Not just because they look real, but his sculptures also express how we feel about certain things in a very real, almost surreal, light.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


My latest music addiction:
Yeasayer-Ambling Alp

Journal Exercise for 3/4/2010

Response to "On the Rights of Molotov Man"

An article by Joy Garnett and Susan Meiselas
Above top: Meiselas, Above bottom: Garnett
  • The article deals with the points of view of both Garnett and Meiselas
  • Meiselas was the original photographer of what came to be know as The Molotov Man. She primarily works to document human-rights issues in Latin America. "What is happing is anything but a riot," she explains, which is what the painter Garnett transformed the photo into.
  • Garnett was working on a series of paintings known as the Riot Series. She simply searched for riot-like images on the internet and came across the image of the Molotov Man. She thought it the most powerful of all of the images she had found and decided to use it as the image on the announcement card. She then started to receive notices that the image originally belonged to Susan Meiselas.
  • The case between Meiselas and Garnett was blown out of proportion. Meiselas just wanted credit for the original source of the painting, and Garnett agreed to do so. In the end Meiselas didn't really charge Garnett
  • MY TAKE- I believe both artists have a valid point. For if the original image is set out in the internet under the context for which Garnett was searching for, then somebody else may have thought it in the same way as she did. Meiselas, however, is the owner of the original photograph and therefore should receive full credit of the image in any way or time it is reproduced

Friday, March 5, 2010


From "Prescription Art": "Hailing from Ghent in Belgium, Roa's characteristic animal graffiti has won him admirers all round the world. Playing with scale and distortion, the creatures are at once familiar and slightly otherworldly."--I came across the work of Belgium artist Roa when I googled the words "rabbit drawings" and came to a conclusion that google doesn't really stick to relevant topics too much because the the drawing that peaked my interest was that of the dissected pig. Needless to say I did find a rabbit drawing of his I liked. So I gotta love google for that though because I really liked some of his work.I also really liked what "Prescription Art" had to say about his work so I thought I would put it in.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Super excited for Alice in Wonderland this week...just sayin

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

(4)Urs Fischer

So I really don't know how I had not heard of Urs Fischer until today.I kind of love his randomness. It's almost a jealousy. Fischer is a Swiss artist. He started off as a photographer,but has grown quite popular for his installations. Especially after he excavated the floor in a New York art gallery.