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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Over maybe

So it seems rather appropriate to write a blog entry about concluding my photo class. Let me just say that I miss it so and its only been an hour since it was over. It has made me rethink about double majoring with photo right along with my painting and drawing...which I may just do, I'm still thinking about it. I have seen not only how I progressed as a learning photographer,but I also got to observe how the other students work progressed as well. It's amazing how much variety there was in our work even when we were all given essentially the same assignment. That was especially evident today when we each presented our final project to the class. We could essentially do whatever we wanted within the limitation that three, at least, had to be about an overall theme, technique, or work in the vain of a photographer. I chose to do an overall technique of out of focus and shallow depth of field, giving my photos emotion by showing little or no facial express. I also somewhat worked in the vain of William Klein who was well-known for his spontaneous portraiture and the idea of showing emotion through that spontaneity and movement. I promise to post up my work as soon as can...Oh, what else can I say? I L-O-V-E loved that class!

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