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Friday, April 1, 2011

Claire's Boots

So it's been a while since my search began, but I believe I have found them. Yes, I am talking about Breakfast Club Princess Claire Standish's boots. As soon as I saw them in the film I knew I had to have them. I have searched high and low, frontwards and forwards for boots to their liking. It was love at first sight for me and the boots, but I almost doubted I would find those exact boots beings its been almost three decades since the movie was first released. However, I think I did all right, thanks to Mr. Steve Madden


  1. I’ve been looking for them for about 2 years now! of course steve madden would have them... what are they called???

  2. Do you mind telling me where you found them? My best friend wants them so I wanna get them for her for her 18th birthday.